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“Christin is an absolutely incredible lactation consultant.  I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding my first child and gave up after a couple of weeks.  I felt defeated. When I had my second, I decided to ask for help. Christin was warm, supportive, encouraging, and skilled.  Having the personal experience of nursing three children and working with premature babies as a nurse for many years, she comes with a wealth of knowledge of both motherhood and infant development.  Christin was a fantastic listener and always offered advice in a kind and non-judgemental way. She assured me that it is normal for a new mom to feel both emotional and physical ups and downs after giving birth.  She taught me techniques with positioning and latch to help me reduce nipple and back pain and to be sure that my daughter was nursing as efficiently as possible. I highly recommend Christin as a lactation consultant.  WIthout her help and expertise, I would have missed out on the amazing experience of breastfeeding my beautiful baby. Thank you, Christin!” - Susanna


"Christin was a call away to answer any questions I had. She responded in a timely manner and was always very thorough. My baby is a breastfed baby because of her and I couldn't be more grateful." - Carla

"Christin helped me and my family out through a very challenging time!  We were so grateful to be referred to her by a close friend and I immediately felt as if I could share with confidence that she would listen and give great coaching and advice to help me breastfeed.  She shared photos and visual aids to help as well since she couldn't visit in person.  She was quick to respond and provide great information when I felt like I needed help to solve a problem.  Highly recommend Latch and Love to help through the newborn stage and breastfeeding.  Very professional, knowledgeable and kind!" -Julia  


"I loved working with Christin. I first reached out to her when my daughter was nine days old and our pediatrician had concerns about her weight gain. She got back to me within a day, and after exchanging some emails, we decided to schedule an appointment. She was available to come to my house based on my daughter's feeding schedule, which was not what I experienced with the lactation consultants at my hospital after her birth.  During my appointment, Christin was very open to hearing my concerns and what I ultimately wanted our breastfeeding journey to look like. Over the next couple of weeks. I worked with Christin both via email and in-person weight checks until my daughter was thriving and I was feeling more comfortable with how to balance breastfeeding, pumping, and ensuring my daughter was getting enough milk.  I'd highly recommend Christin to anyone who is starting their breastfeeding journey and needs support from a knowledgeable and friendly consultant." -Karen


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